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Tall Cup Cake

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This is often over exaggerated in the beginning stages and can often be influenced by price.  Keep in mind your guests maybe having a 3 course meal before the cake, one of these courses being desert!

The cake is typically cut after speeches and is served with tea and coffee just before the dancing kicks off.

A 2 tiered cake should be substantial for 40 – 70 guests, however some brides don’t mind having a larger cake and being able to serve cake at morning tea the following day!

If you are having cup cakes, most brides would like to have enough for 1 cup cake per guest, alternatively you could have a top cake that you would envisage the top table having, or you would have to take home for the following day – or just yourselves, then you can reduce the number of cup cakes slightly.

A crouquembouche (traditional French wedding cake – profiterole tower) is made in two sizes, one that holds approx. 120 profiteroles – so this would serve 60 guests with 2 rolls per person; or the larger size that would hold approx. 160 profiteroles, serving 80 guests with 2 rolls per person. Extra profiteroles can be supplied and is usually served on a platter after the cake is cut.

Typically, we will quote you on your cake options including the smaller sized cakes, so that you can compare prices with the larger cake options.

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