SweetCakes is recommend by the following partners

Mudbrick Vineyard

Cable Bay Vineyard

Stonyridge Vineyard

Mudbrick Vineyard Weddings @ Cable Bay Vineyard Waiheke Weddings at Stonyridge Waiheke

When our wedding couples book a wedding cake with Tanya, we know they’re in safe, reliable hands.

Tanya not only bakes and ices the cake, she delivers it straight to the cake table! Beautiful, delicious cakes – stress free!

At Mudbrick, we see many cakes – Tanya’s are the best!

Justine Hoggard


We recommend Tanya of Sweetcakes as one of the suppliers for wedding cakes.

Tanya operates a very professional service, is reliable and her cakes look amazing.

Carol Schofield


Our clients have always been well impressed with the Wedding Cakes from Tanya.

She is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her. The cakes taste AMAZING!

Dana O’Grady



The Dunes

Waiheke Island Wedding Planners

Waiheke Flower Gallery

Weddings at the Dunes Waiheke Waiheke Island Wedding Planners Waiheke Flower Gallery

Your style and quality of work are exceptional – every bit up to Auckland standards without the drama of juggling cakes on the ferry in the HOT sun.

Truly delightful to work with you. We are proud to recommend your work.

Sylvie Eastwood –

Tanya from Sweetcakes has been making fabulous wedding cakes on Waiheke Island for many years.

She is quick to respond to enquiries, meets your creative needs, as well as being very reliable on the actual wedding day.

Ordering your wedding cake from Sweetcakes is a way to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly.


Waiheke Flower Gallery has worked with Sweetcakes many times. 

We always work together for our brides who want fresh flowers on their wedding cakes. 

I have always found that Sweetcakes is always happy to go that extra mile to assist with getting the look the client wants. 

The cakes look great and also taste so good.

Virginia Thompson –



Waiheke Flower Company

Craig Balme – Wedding Photographer

Wildflower Waiheke Waiheke Flower Company Craig Balme Photography

Tanya’s cakes are always stunning and smell divine – it’s a pleasure to design the flowers to complement her work!

Vicki –


Sweetcakes takes two words to describe; “mouth” and “watering”

Lainy –

As a wedding photographer for 20 years I have seen plenty of wedding cakes, so I guess I know a good one when I see one!

It is always a pleasure to see a cake created by Tanya of Sweetcakes; she consistently provides a service of elegance combined with exquisite detail.

Craig Balme –


Emma Hughes Photography

Phillipa Karn Photography

 Emma Hughes Photography phillipa-karn-logo  

Tanya is lovely to deal with, and her cakes always look amazing!

Emma Hughes –

The chocolate mud cakes taste DIVINE!!

Phillipa Karn –